Grace Wang - China

"Having attended BIS for more than a year now, my child has wonderful memories of a relaxed and happy learning environment, friendly classmates, caring teachers and a feeling of being well prepared for study at high school next year.

For international students, the teachers in the international department are more like loving mothers. As with caring mothers, they not only understand each child’s individual learning challenges, but they are also familiar with their personality traits. They nurture the children’s progress and delight in their achievements.

My child has ADHD and is easily distracted. To help him focus and to mitigate his forgetfulness, the international department teachers created an organisational chart with his weekly courses and homework assignments including a list of items that need to be brought to school every day.

In addition to supporting my son’s ESOL studies, the teachers developed an individualised programme and appointed a specific tutor to work with him. Within a year he made significant progress in English - having advanced from typically confusing b&d and p&q to achieving at the EAP level required to enter high school.

I also wish to add that, for us mothers who are far away from our hometowns and husbands, the international department teachers are more like family and close friends. They provide wonderful emotional support and comfort. Let us feel the warmth of God's family and love in this land of New Zealand blessed by God.

Thank you BIS! Thank you BIS teachers!"