To achieve our vision of Leading Excellence In Intermediate School Education, we aim to provide a curriculum which is relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory.

Why choose Belmont Intermediate School?

We believe that our curriculum is responsive to the needs of our emerging adolescent students and delivers beyond the requirements of the national curriculum. Students are taught the core subjects of English, mathematics and physical health and wellbeing, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, our programmes include a variety of other subjects such as technologies, science, the arts and languages.

All of Belmont Intermediate School’s curriculum, programmes and facilities that are available to our domestic students are offered to all of our international students. You can read more about what this includes at Our Learning.

We take great pride in offering a limited number of international placements, which means that our ratio of International Team to international students is higher than most other schools. As such, this enables us to provide a higher standard of care for our international students and also allows us to deliver individualised support to each student.


Our students are able to achieve excellent academic, cultural and sporting results because we are able to offer:

  • high quality teachers
  • technology integrated teaching and learning programmes
  • enhancement and enrichment programmes
  • dedicated ESOL teachers and ESOL programmes
  • outstanding pastoral care from our committed International Team
  • preferential entry into Takapuna Grammar School (one of New Zealand's leading high schools)
  • an amazing location – one of Auckland’s safest and most picturesque suburbs and
  • we are a NZQA Code Certified school.

For more information about life as an international student in New Zealand, click here.

More general information about living in New Zealand can be found here.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, New Zealand borders remain closed to non-residents. Belmont Intermediate School continues to welcome international student enrolment applications. For those students outside of New Zealand, we are only able to issue Acceptance Letters until border restrictions are lifted. We look forward to welcoming new international students to our school as soon as possible. Up to date information on New Zealand’s Covid-19 situation can be found on the Education New Zealand website.