Activity Fee and Donation

Activity fee (2024) - $135.00

Activity fee (2025) - $165.00

Donation - $375.00 ($700 for two children from the same family)

The activity fee covers Mathletics, 'Writer's Toolbox' and specialist subjects.

We respectfully request that the activity fee and donation be paid at enrolment.

Funding plays a significant part in the number and quality of our teachers, our learning facilities, the range of extra-curricular opportunities we can offer and the sophistication of our technology. Belmont Intermediate School receives limited funding from the Ministry of Education due to our decile rating and therefore we rely heavily on our parent donations to support us in delivering the key components to a superior educational experience for our students. Specifically, our parent donations enable us to fund curriculum resources and additional teachers to support students in literacy and numeracy.

The donation of $375 is voluntary, but the school could not operate without your support and payment of it. Please note that the donation is eligible for a 33% tax rebate, making the actual cost $251.25, which if paid before 31 March, can be claimed in the current tax year. We can provide tax receipts for you to attach to your tax return for this purpose.

Both the activity fee and donation can be paid via our Online Shop.

Other term fees

To assist parents and caregivers with the planning of school fees, below are some additional activities which will incur a cost:

  • Education Outside The Classroom (Year 7 February/ March)
  • Year 8 camp (February/ March)
  • School trips (usually terms 2 and 3)
  • Music tuition
  • Sports team registrations and uniforms
  • AIMS Games (September)
  • Sports Camp (June/July)
  • Cycling
  • Sports Zone Days
  • Some Electives.

We will endeavour to give reasonable notice of an expense.