Student Peer Support

At Belmont Intermediate School, we have School Leaders and House Leaders who work with the Senior Leadership Team to support students in the day-to-day life of the school. The Deputy Principal responsible for pastoral care works closely with our student leaders to develop strategies for identifying conflict and possible triggers and to either intervene or ensure the matter is drawn to the attention of duty teachers or senior staff.

Serious issues are dealt with in accordance with school policies and procedures. We have a zero tolerance approach to any forms of verbal or physical harassment and a transparent process for resolving any such harassment.

Student Leadership

Students who are connected to school have improved longer-term education, health and wellbeing outcomes. We believe that providing students with a voice and opportunities to have meaningful input into school decisions and show leadership at school are ways of enhancing their sense of belonging and connectedness. These opportunities are also one way of enabling students to develop social competencies.

Some of the leadership opportunities offered at Belmont Intermediate School include Head Boy, Head Girl, School Leaders, House Captains, Class Captains, AV Crew and Librarians. Students can apply for the various leadership roles and are appointed based on student and staff nomination. Student leaders are involved in a variety of school activities such as running school assemblies, hosting visitors, assisting with inducting and transitioning new students, developing ideas for school events and organising house competitions.

As well as the above formal leadership roles, we encourage and support our students to take lead roles and have input into co-curricular activities such as garden to table, kapa haka, cultural groups, rock bands, sport, dance and drama.