At Belmont Intermediate School, we have diverse teaching and learning approaches that utilise BYOD technology and which promote e-learning effectively. This ranges from our technology integrated class programmes, our well-resourced library and media equipment. Developing a student’s ability to manage themselves safely and appropriately online lies at the heart of our digital learning programmes.

Click here for our BIS Digital Safety Tool for Caregivers

Our technology driven teaching and learning programmes encourage the sharing of ideas, cooperation, creative thinking and team work. Specifically, our students use technology to:

  • create and publish media projects (google documents, google slides, student music, videos, webpages and blogs);
  • gather, research and investigate information and data for their enquiry studies;
  • communicate and collaborate with other students and teachers.

Before purchasing your child’s BYOD device, please refer to our recommended BYOD specifications to ensure that you buy an appropriate device.