To support our school’s innovative teaching and learning strategies, we encourage all students to bring a digital device to school to aid their learning.  Please ensure that your child's device has the following specifications:

  • Wi-Fi capable;
  • be able to operate Google Chrome Browser and Google Apps for Education;
  • minimum 10 inch (diagonal) screen;
  • 5+ hours battery life and
  • be durable.

While some devices meet these specifications they are not always effective in the classroom. Over the past few years we have trialled various devices and the feedback has shown that the most effective device for our school is a Chromebook.

We do however accept other devices but encourage families to purchase a Chromebook.

DEVICE REquirements

Most effective devices

  • Chromebook
  • Laptops or notebooks that meet the specifications

Effective devices

  • iPad (with separate keyboard for Google suite)

Ineffective devices

  • iPad and android tablets with a screen size smaller than 10 inches
  • Surface RT's or other office 360 devices
  • Devices without separate keyboards

We also recommend

  • using a protective case for the device;
  • insuring the device against loss or damage and
  • having current anti-virus software installed.