Most of our international students live with their parents if they are in New Zealand, or with a designated caregiver (usually an aunt or an uncle). It is also possible for students to stay with a homestay family.

For more information on accompanying your child to New Zealand please visit NZ Immigration website. The parent of an international student can also nominate a close family friend or relative to take care of their child during their study in New Zealand. This is the person that the student will live with during their time at Belmont Intermediate School and will have the overall responsibility of the students' day-to-day care. A parent will need to complete a Designated Caregiver form that will need to be signed by both parties (parent and Designated Caregiver).

We can arrange for a quality homestay for our international students if required. Our homestays are carefully selected English speaking families, who have been visited and interviewed by our International Student Director to determine their suitability for our students.

After a student is placed in a homestay, our International Student Director continues to work closely with the homestay family and the international student to ensure the best possible pastoral care is provided. We visit our homestays and have review meetings with our students on a regular basis.