At Belmont Intermediate School, we offer our international students an advanced ESOL programme which is unique to our school. The programme which is included with the tuition fee, includes English lessons taught by a specialist ESOL teacher, various ESOL levels of achievement and regular assessment. The lessons have small class sizes and are tailored to our students’ specific needs and abilities.

The programme assists our international students with additional reading, writing, speaking and listening to help our students improve their English skills so that they can easily keep up with their classmates. Our programme utilises online individualised reading, grammar course books, spelling programmes, phonics and small group speaking practise lessons. In addition, we offer English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for our advanced learners.

Our advanced ESOL programme, coupled with our intake of only 20 international students per year allows our international students to experience true immersion, allowing them to rapidly advance their English language skills without the need for after school tuition.