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Registration and payment

Registration and payment for all sports is made using our Online Shop. For each sports team to go ahead we need the help of parents and caregivers who are able to assist with either coaching, managing, umpiring or transport. If you are able to assist, please enter your details when prompted on the Online Shop.

Sports Code of Conduct

All students who wish to play sport at Belmont Intermediate School and the supporters of students are required to read and comply with the school’s Sports Code of Conduct.

Sports Manager

For all sports queries or to obtain further information, please contact our Sports Manager (

Sports Notice Board

AIMS Games

Publish date

Students wishing to enter an individual sport (e.g. tennis, swimming, cross country, yachting, mountain biking, gymnastics etc.) at AIMS Games must return their completed application form to the sports office by Friday, 27 May.

Girls Football AIMS Team: Trials will be held in conjunction with our girls football zone day trials on the following dates:

Year 8 Girls: Tuesday, 17 May

Year 7 Girls: Wednesday, 18 May.

Both trials will be at lunchtime on the school field.

Boys Basketball AIMS Team: The date for this trial will be confirmed soon. Students are able to register to trial through the form in our Daily Dash.


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Are you  interested in cycling? 

Christopher Drake and Susy Pryde who are parents of a current Year 7 student are looking to run a local free to ride independent parent led programme for keen Belmont Intermediate cyclists. Christopher and Susy are experienced former riders with professional race experience and have a background in school grassroots cycling programmes.

Please note this is not a learn to ride programme, students should have cycling competency with some road experience and confidence with riding in traffic. Every care will be taken to minimise risks but there will be no liability on the school or the organisers. You must have your own bike; helmet; closed toe shoes and preferably a cycling water bottle. There will potentially be the option to enter some races later in the year for those that are keen, however, there will be associated costs and parent involvement with these. 

The programme will run as follows: 

Term 1 & 4: 

Sunday: 1pm (60-120mins). Assembly at the Bayswater playground on Bayswater Road next to the bicycle path. Rides start on Sunday February 27th.

Term 2 & 3: 

Sunday: 1pm (60-120mins), same as terms 1 & 4.

Plus an additional ride on Thursdays @ 3:30pm from the George Gair Reserve (Winscombe St).

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme please contact Christopher Drake directly for more information: