Message from the Presiding Member

The School Board is made up of parent representatives, a staff representative and the Principal. The Board is responsible for the school’s performance and ensuring that all legal requirements are met. First and foremost the Board is accountable for student progress and achievement to its parents, community and the Crown. More specifically the Board:

  • monitors and evaluates student progress and achievement with the aim of ensuring that each and every child reaches their full potential
  • sets the strategic direction and long-term plans for the school in consultation with the school’s community
  • monitors the Board’s progress against the charter goals and targets
  • oversees the management of staff, property, finances, curriculum and administration
  • ensures that government priorities are met
  • fulfils the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi by valuing and reflecting New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage
  • appoints and supports the Principal and assesses their performance and
  • acts as good employers to all staff at the school.

We welcome your ideas and feedback.

Fleur Peacocke

Presiding Member

SchoolDOCS Policies

SchoolDocs was established in 2006 as a user-friendly policy platform for schools in Aotearoa. Based in Ōtautahi Christchurch, the SchoolDocs team partners with schools across the motu to develop policies and procedures that keep pace with the changing educational environment. SchoolDocs sites make policy information accessible to the whole school community. Each site contains a set of policies and procedures that is tailored to the school, and feedback from community members helps to ensure that the site reflects how the school operates.

SchoolDocs sites have a unique web address for each school. All members of the school community can access the site using these details.

SchoolDocs sites are organised into sections that reflect operational requirements. The table of contents shows the key policy for each section, with dropdown menus that show supporting policies and procedures. To find a policy or procedure, use the search function at the top left with a topic name or keyword. Related topics will appear in the table of contents window. Clicking on the topic you want to read and then closing the search will show where the topic sits in the table of contents. For a list of important policies and procedures, search for the Quick Links topics that are available for school staff, and parents and whānau.

Reviews and Feedback

All SchoolDocs schools follow a 3-year review schedule that ensures content stays up to date. Each term, the school community is able to provide feedback on the content and implementation of policies and procedures that are under review. The SchoolDocs team uses feedback from all schools, along with research and external consultation, to make changes to core content. The team notifies schools of any action that is required.

Topics that are under review have a review button, which allows school feedback to be sent to both the school and the SchoolDocs team. All topics also have a feedback button that can be used to send general feedback or queries about a topic directly to the school.

For additional information on the role of Boards, visit NZSTA’s A Parent’s Guide to the Role of the BOT.

Board Members

Fleur Peacocke

Presiding Member


Fleur was co-opted to the Board in 2020. Fleur grew up in Devonport, attending Belmont Intermediate School and Takapuna Grammar School. She has three children, Amelia, currently at Belmont Intermediate, Isabel and Seb who are at Belmont Primary School. Fleur is a practising lawyer and is currently General Counsel at a well-known New Zealand business. Fleur enjoys working with Nick and the rest of the Board to ensure sound governance, strategic focus and forward thinking for the school. She has recently been voted as the new Presiding Member of the School Board.

Nick Hill


Nick has been the Principal of Belmont Intermediate School since 2013. He is a North Shore native and an alumni of the school and therefore has an inherent connection to the school and it’s community. Nick brings 20 years of experience in the education sector, gained across a number of Auckland primary and intermediate schools. He holds a Bachelor of Education and a post graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership. Nick is also a graduate of the University of Auckland’s Sir Edmund Hillary Leadership programme.

Working with the Board and assisted by the Senior Leadership Team, Nick oversees the overall operations and management of the school. He has particular focus on the school’s strategic and annual planning, student achievement, human resources, finance, property, health and safety, student wellbeing and student leadership.

Nick is an innovative educator who is passionate about providing an irresistibly engaging curriculum so that all students have an opportunity to achieve personal excellence and success. He strives to create a supportive environment where staff and student wellbeing are as important as academic, cultural and sporting achievement.

Ann-Maree Clark

Staff Representative

Ann-Maree was elected to the Board in March 2023. She has been a homeroom teacher at Belmont Intermediate since 2019 and is our current Teacher in Charge of Mathematics and one of our Kahui Ako In School Leaders. Ann-Maree has two daughters, one is a recent graduate of AUT and is a practising Medical Laboratory Scientist in Hamilton. The youngest, who attended Takapuna Grammar is in her second year at Massey University. Ann-Maree began her education career in Whangarei and had over 12 years of experience teaching Intermediate and Secondary School. She is passionate about delivering high-quality education and fostering relationships with students, staff and extended whanau to ensure successful progress for all students.

Pip Kistler

Parent Representative

Pip was co-opted onto the Board in April 2019. Pip and her husband Joel are both former Takapuna Grammar School students and spent their teenage years growing up in Devonport. Living in this area played a huge part in their lives and they wanted the same experience for their children, Kyra who now attends Takapuna Grammar School and Harlem who is Year 4 at Belmont Primary School. Pip’s background has involved working in human resources, recruitment, training and development, extending across hospitality, infrastructure, FMCG, media and in more recent times, professional financial services. Pip is looking forward to working closely alongside the Board members and Nick to strengthen and continually improve people capability and overall engagement within the school and community.

Joanna Maskell

Parent Representative

Joanna was voted onto the Board in September 2022. She grew up on the North Shore and her family have lived on the Devonport Peninsula for three generations. Her son Harry attends at Belmont Intermediate. Her background is in law and policy in the UK and in NZ with experience in child protection, employment, and education law. She is currently working as a Principal Advisor to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care. Joanna has previous governance experience on the board of a Community Law Centre and is the current Co-Chair of the Auckland Government Women’s Network.  She looks forward to supporting the school to continue to provide wonderful academic, cultural and sporting outcomes and maintain a great community spirit.

Adrian St John

Parent Representative

Adrian was voted onto the Board in September 2022. He has one child at Belmont Intermediate and two others attending Belmont Primary School. Adrian is a chartered accountant with 20 years of strategic business planning and commercial management experience. Currently, he runs his own management consulting company, advising businesses on growth strategies and execution. He is also an active member of the CPA Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Committee. Adrian is committed to working with the Board to deliver a strong vision for the school that prepares and empowers all students for the future.

John Retimana

Cultural Advisor