To achieve our vision of Leading Excellence In Intermediate School Education, we aim to provide a curriculum which is relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory. We believe that our curriculum is responsive to the needs of our emerging adolescent students and delivers beyond the requirements of the national curriculum. Students are taught the core subjects of English, mathematics and physical health and wellbeing, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, our programmes include a variety of other subjects such as technologies, science, the arts and languages.

Our programmes are tailored to deliver on the school’s key learning competencies of adaptable thinker, global citizen, self-directed and reflective learner, effective communicator and collaborative learner.

Adaptable thinker

Thinking in different ways to learn effectively, moving forward to new challenges and developing a growth mind-set.


Global citizen

Understanding who you are, recognising global interdependence, valuing and respecting individual and cultural differences and protecting the environment.


Self-directed and reflective learner

Regulating how to think and learn independently.


Effective communicator

Active listening, expressing ideas, interacting and engaging with others.


Collaborative learner

Working effectively with others.


One of our key learning competencies is for students to take an active part in their learning and as such, our teachers support students in self-reflection, self-evaluation and goal setting. To aid this process, students are actively and regularly provided with feedback on their performance. This helps to promote quality education and to enable students to successfully progress to the next stage in their learning.


Academic Opportunities

Students at Belmont Intermediate School are provided with many opportunities to participate and extend themselves in a range of academic challenges throughout the year. Specific guidance and training is provided to all students who wish to challenge themselves academically and compete against other students, both nationally and internationally. Our students compete in a number of events including Mathex, Auckland Intermediate Schools Art Exhibition, Kids Lit Quiz,Future Problem Solving, Otago Maths, The Science Fair and many others covering technology, writing, ICT and English.