Our school considers gifted and talented education (GATE) and enhanced learning to be an integral part of the class programme and we have numerous avenues to provide such opportunities to our students, including:

  • Enrichment teaching and learning being integrated into all our class programmes to allow students to participate in thinking skills programmes which help to develop higher order thinking. Extension work in numeracy and literacy is provided by classroom teachers where appropriate.
  • An enrichment class in Year 7 and Year 8 for our gifted and talented learners which utilises differentiated teaching and learning opportunities to cater for the needs of these students. Selection for these classes is determined by a number factors including Year 6 teacher recommendation, Year 6 assessment results and BIS assessment results.
  • Extension programmes in science, languages, the arts and technology.
  • Specialist training and support for students wishing to compete in national or international academic challenges such as Mathex, Auckland Intermediate Schools, Art Exhibition, Kids Lit Quiz, Future Problem Solving or Otago Maths and International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).
  • A dedicated enhancement learning teacher and teacher aides available to assist students who require learning support.
  • Online courses and parent support is available with Brooke Trenwith, who is our School GATE Advisor here.
  • Click here to view our latest GATE Presentation, along with our BIS Policy for Gifted and Talented Students.

Agency Support

We liaise closely with a number of special needs agencies and in consultation with homeroom teachers and parents, students can be referred for additional specialist support. Additional support can come from a number of resources including Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), Special Education Services (MoE) and Attention Behaviour Team Waitemata Health Assistive Technology (MoE).