At Belmont Intermediate School our vision is to Lead Excellence In Intermediate School Education. We take great pride in offering a two year programme which provides a range of opportunities to enable our students to develop the skills that are vital to them becoming life-long learners. Our school environment is vibrant and engaging and where diversity is sought and valued.

We have a curriculum which is interconnected, future focussed and child-centric. We aim to give every student the opportunity for academic, cultural and sporting success. In addition, our health, life-skills and wellbeing programmes equip our students with essential skills to help them through some of the challenges they will face as emerging adolescents.

At the heart of our teaching and learning is our school’s core values of courage, humility, integrity, creativity, excellence and respect. Our staff and students are expected to embrace the core values and show commitment to them in everything they do.

Our goal is not only for our students to achieve personal excellence during their time at intermediate school, but also to prepare them for a successful transition into high school.

If you are new to our school community I would like to encourage you to attend our information evening or one of our open day tours so that you can meet our team and learn more about what we offer.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to Belmont Intermediate School in the near future.

Nick Hill