Principal's Pen

Dear Parents, Caregivers and friends of the school,

Tena Koutou Katoa Nga mihi nui Ki a Koutou Katoa,

Our school prizegiving will be held on Friday, 14 December at the Harbourside Church, Esmonde Road, Takapuna. This is an opportunity to celebrate our successes in 2018 and farewell our year 8 students, as they head off to high school. Prizegiving is a formal occasion with a range of cultural performances and presentations. All students are expected to wear the correct school uniform. We welcome parents and caregivers to come along and join in with the celebrations of our students.
The prizegiving commences at 9.30am and we would love it if you are able to join us. Students will be bussed to and from the venue and will be dismissed once they arrive back to BIS from prizegiving.  Please be aware that parking is limited and that the church has leased part of it’s carpark to Wilson carpark. This will mean that you will be charged for parking. My suggestion is that you get to the venue early, or park in Barry’s Point Road.
To the students, thank you all for your enthusiasm, energy and love of learning. As a group, you are confident, receptive and keen to make the most of your opportunities and for this, you must be congratulated. You have responded well throughout the year, and I am proud of the way in which you have all finished the year strongly as a group of students. You have been a pleasure to lead.
The teaching teams for 2019 have been finalised and are as follows:
Team Rangitoto (Year 8)
Jen Bauer (Team Leader) Steve Ramdhanie, James Lauder, Erin Loader and Annelies Judson
Team Motuihe (Year 8)                        
Carly Tustian (Team Leader) Paul Howard, Jessie Corbett, Caitlin McKeown and  Shaeleigh Friedrichs
Team Rakino (Year 7)            
Claire Janes  (Team Leader) Jo Hilario, Jo Powell, Catherine Horgan and Angela Winslade
Team Motutapu (Year 7)
Lauren Tyler (Team Leader), Maddy Guppy, Brooke Doherty, Ann-Maree Beazley and Kelly Vallender

Specialist Team: Robyn Norwell, Susan Revell, Larissa Johnson, Fiona Sokolich, Lynda Dahlberg and Mike Ferguson
All of our new teachers will be in the school prior to the Christmas break and will be attending our three teacher only days in January.
Finally, I would like to acknowledge the highly skilled and dedicated group of teachers that we have at BIS. They have continued to inspire your children and provide them with an irresistibly engaging environment. They are passionate and committed to our school, it’s vision and intent. I am proud to work with and lead you all.                  
As this is my last newsletter for the year, I would like to wish the entire BIS community a Merry Christmas and enjoyable holiday season. As a school, we have certainly appreciated your support throughout the year.
Warm regards,
Nga mihi nui,

Nick Hill