Principal's Pen

Dear Parents, Caregivers and friends of the school,

Tena Koutou Katoa Nga mihi nui Ki a Koutou Katoa,

I would like to start this week’s newsletter with some words from student Lily Gray of Room 17:

As you all know a tragic event happened in Christchurch on Friday, 15 March that was devastating to all of New Zealand but in particular the victims and their loved ones. This is not New Zealand. This is not who we are. We can make a difference, especially if we all take part. Starting from Friday, 22 March to Thursday, 28 March there will be a donation box in the school office. We are asking for non-perishable foods and toiletries (non-aerosols) to help ease the pain financially for those families struggling. We stand together with Christchurch.  We will also hold a mufti day, Friday, 29 March to raise money for the victim’s families.  This will be a gold coin donation.

Year 7 EOTC & Year 8 Camp

Thank you to the large number of parents who have supported both our EOTC and Year 8 Camp experiences throughout the last two weeks. Without your support, energy and willingness to ‘muck in’, we would not be able to run the extensive activities that we offer. It is clear that all our students have had many memorable experiences. Each student will no doubt reflect on their own development in the weeks to come. Many of our students would have conquered a fear, taken calculated risks, made new friendships, strengthened existing ones and built their resilience. My thanks to Andrew Milne, Claire Janes, Carly Tustian and the entire teaching staff for their energy and commitment to the children in their care over the last two weeks. 

Thank you

I would like to thank the large number of mums, dads and caregivers who are giving up their time to manage and coach our sports teams to start the year. I value and appreciate the time, expertise, energy and effort that you are putting in for the students at our school.  Should you require any assistance or resource, please contact our sports co-ordinator, Alice Browning on 

In the Classroom

The priority in all classrooms at Belmont Intermediate School is to ensure that our students are all able to articulate, firstly, where they are at in their learning; secondly, where they are going; and thirdly; what are the steps to get there. At our school, we are strengthening our collective ability as teachers and learners to use learning progressions in writing and reading to assist our learners with this process. It is vital that our students know how to progress in literacy and numeracy and what success looks like. In our environment we talk a lot about the learning process; that learning is about what you don’t know, learning is often challenging and the learning ‘pit’ is often uncomfortable. As a result, our teachers continue to ensure that our environments are safe, nurturing and encourage children to learn from their mistakes. I use the acronym FAIL; First Attempt In Learning, with our students to model the concept of ‘intelligent failure’ and use my own examples as a former student at BIS and as an adult. As parents, you might like to build on this concept and model the learnings that come from failure.

This term, Team Rakino have explored their own intelligences and their own identity through art and digital literacy. Our Hauora program and our friendship factor program has also helped to compliment this learning. Team Rakino have been reading about the historical context of New Zealand through the history of The Treaty and what this means in modern times. In addition, the students have been working towards their own personal story and the journey of their life so far. Our final product will be to present a documentary or movie about their own life history and how they came to be here in New Zealand and how their family experiences have helped shape who they are.

Team Motutapu has explored the question of 'What's my story?' by investigating and describing psychological and environmental factors that influence our sense of identity and who we are as individuals. Team Motutapu have focused their investigation on the following key factors:

Who has shaped my values, morals and tastes? Do I have an understanding of personal passions/interests and how this impacts upon my life?

Where do I come from? Understanding migration and how choices are made when moving.

Understanding the concept of Hauora and consider how it applies to ourselves.

To solidify concepts and understanding, as well as aid in the practice of being self-directed and reflective learners, students will create a video documentary of their lives to date. This will include their passions, what their likes and dislikes are, their heritage or culture, who they are as a learner and an interview with family and friends.

Team Rangitoto have explored the big question "What's my story" through student culture, heritage and individuality. We will use the 5 E's inquiry process to collaboratively create a unique product to share at the Family Fun Evening.

Team Motuihe have been extending their knowledge of Tūrangawaewae, creating their own understanding of special places where they feel empowered and making connections to our heritage, culture and ancestors. This has led to students researching in order to draw their own Ta Moko using symbols, traditional patterns and koru which represent themselves, their families and what is special to them.

Activity Fee and Donation
Thank you to all our families who have paid the annual activity fee and donation. Unfortunately, we still have some families who have not paid yet. These fees were due at the start of the school year and we would appreciate it if you could please pay your fees via the Online Shop as soon as possible. Please note that our school does not send out statements so if you are unsure if you have paid you can check quickly and easily by logging on to your online shop account to view your payment history (see item below on how to do this).

Lastly, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the fantastic photos of our children who went to the second camp at Waipu Cove, please do so in the galleries section of our website, or click here.
Warm regards,
Nga mihi nui,

Nick Hill